The Harmonious Town of Helensvale
May 2, 2016

Helensvale is located on the northern end of the Gold Coast, approximately 65km south of Brisbane. It is a nice, tranquil suburb formed in the 1870. In the 1980s, it welcomed its first residents with a shopping center and secondary state schools, sports centers, and parks, making Helensvale the first integrated suburb in the backcountry border of the Gold Coast. It has excellent sporting facilities, two golf courses, bowling clubs, playing fields, a skate park, boutique stores, tennis courts, and accessible transports everywhere. Plus it is also the home to Westfield Shopping Center and two of the biggest theme parks of Queensland, Wet n Wild and Movie World. A Helensvale relocation might just be the answer to anyone of you looking for a fresh, soothing start! It is a clean and stylish residential area ideal for families, with an ongoing economic growth and a friendly neighborhood vibe.

source: realestate.com.au

The 2016 Real Estate Guide for Helensvale


Median House Sales

Helensvale, Queensland median house sales has been showing continued progress since 2013. In the last five years, house sales price for houses increased for a total of 13.1%. Its median price is currently $560, 000 based on 336 properties sold in the last 12 months and a $550 weekly median rent, equating to a 3.42% annual growth rate.

Median price $560,000 $427,500
Quarterly growth 1.82% -0.58%
12-month growth 12.00% 14.61%
Average Annual Growth 3.42% 0.34%
Weekly median advertised rent $550 $425
Number of sales 336 202
Gross rental yield 5.11% 5.17%
Days on market 63.73 86.64

Source: yourinvestmentpropertymag


Land Tax

Based on the Queensland Government, Land Tax is calculated on the total taxable value of an owner’s Queensland freehold land. The total amount of all the land a person owns in Queensland will be added up at the 30th of June, excluding land a person have received an exemption.

Different tax rates will apply depending on this total value and what type of land owner you are. A person is liable when the total taxable value of his/her land is:

  • $350,000 or more – for companies, trustees or absentees
  • $600,000 or more – for individuals


In 2006, Helensvale has a population of 14, 774 people. By 2011, it became 15,987 and is comprised of approximately 51.4% females and 48.6% males, a total of 8% population growth at the time. 54.9% are married, 28.5% have never been married, 8.5% are divorced and 3.0% are separated.  Predominant age group is 0-14 years. Chiefly, households are couples with children . Presumably, they are repaying between $1,800 to $2,400 every month on mortgage repayments. People in Helensvale who have professional occupation make up 16.2% of the population, 15.8% are technicians/ Trade workers, 15.6% are Clerical & Administrative workers, 14.0% are Managers, 12.7% are Sales workers, 9.1% are Labourers, 8.9% are Community and Personal Service workers, 5.5% are Machinery Operators & Drivers, and 2.2% had no occupation stated.

Source: localstats


Crime Rate

Helensvale has a low to moderate crime rate.



In 2011, an analysis of the population regarding the number of people attending educational institutions in Helensvale compared to Gold Coast City, showed that a higher percentage of the population is attending primary and secondary school, and a lower percentage is in tertiary level.

In total, the education rate in Helensvale consisted of 9.1% of the population who were attending primary school, 7.5% were attending secondary school, and 5.2% were engaged in tertiary level education.

Source: profile.id

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