Moving to Tweed Heads: The Thrilling City Of Two States
May 6, 2016

Those who are looking for new houses and thinking of moving to Tweed Heads may be confused about where it is.

Tweed Heads is a city located in two different states. It spans the border of Queensland and New South Wales, adjoining its “twin town” suburb, Coolangatta.  They are both part of the Gold Coast’s urban area, but are situated in Tweed Shire, which is headquartered in Murwillumbah. Interesting, eh? It’s better to immediately clear that up for Tweed Heads movers who might get confuse. Just think of it as a person with dual citizenship… or not.

Tweed Heads, NSW
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Tweed Heads, New South Wales
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What makes Tweed Heads a good choice to live in besides its excellent weather, is its fun, laid back lifestyle with wide variety of leisure options. It has no scarcity for shopping malls, parks, restaurants, sports centers, and beaches so you won’t run out of activities every weekend.

It’s like having the best of both worlds from its great beaches like Letitia Spit and Dreamtime Beach to its large shopping malls like Tweed City Shopping Center. And who said the thrill would end as the sun comes down? Bars like South Tweed Bowling Clubs or the Twin Towns Services Clubs would surely take care of your boundless energy, and are the best place to go and party the night away.



Median House Sale Price

The median house price for Tweed Heads is $650,000 based on 62 number of sales, equating to a total of 5.04% annual growth. While the median weekly rent of a property is $490 from the same time period. Tweed Heads is an average performer when comparing the median price capital growth over the last 12 months.


Median price $605,000 $345,000
Quarterly growth 6.14% 2.53%
12-month growth 13.08% 4.55%
Average Annual Growth 5.04% 0.02%
Weekly median advertised rent $490 $370
Number of sales 62 308
Gross rental yield 4.21% 5.58%
Days on market 97.71 105.25

Source: yourinvestmentpropertymag


Land Tax

Based on the Queensland Government, Land Tax is calculated on the total taxable value of an owner’s Queensland freehold land. The total amount of all the land a person owns in Queensland will be added up at the 30th of June, excluding land a person have received an exemption.

Different tax rates will apply depending on this total value and what type of land owner you are. A person is liable when the total taxable value of his/her land is:

  • $350,000 or more – for companies, trustees or absentees
  • $600,000 or more – for individuals



In the 2011 Census, Tweed Heads population was 7,525. comprised of approximately 52.8% females and 47.2% males. 54 years of age is the median or average age of the people, which is 17 years above the average Australian age.

Tweed Heads (NSW)

Tweed Heads Population Number Percentage
Female Population 3972 52.8%
Male Population 3553 47.2%
Total Population 7525 100%

Source: localstats



In a 2011 analysis, the highest level of schooling obtained by the population in Tweed Heads in comparison to Tweed Shire showed that a lower percentage of people had left school at an early level (Year 10 or below) and a higher percentage of people have completed Year 12 or equivalent.

An overall 45.1% of the population had left school at Year 10 or below, and 35.1% had completed Year 12 or equivalent.

A lower percentage of the population have formal qualifications (Bachelor or higher degree; Advanced Diploma or Diploma; or Vocational qualifications), and a similar percentage of people have no formal qualifications.

Source: profile.id