Move to South Port: Stunning Hotspot of Real Estate
May 4, 2016

Southport, originally known as Nerang Creek Heads, is a suburb with one of the city’s largest communities and is near the middle of Gold Coast, Queensland. It was named because it was located in the southern-most port of the Queensland Colony, or after a resort in an English seaside. It is identified as the Gold Coast’s business district and is rapidly becoming one of the city’s real estate development hotspots to cater to the increasing number of people deciding to move to South Port for work opportunities.

Southport Aerial Photo
source: owenwilson

Its major features are huge shopping centers like Southport Park, The Brickworks, and the Australian Fair Shopping Centre, which is situated in the heart of the Gold Coast. Well-reputed schools and hospitals like Griffith University, TAFE Queensland, Queensland Academy for Health Services, Gold Coast University Hospital, Allamanda Private Hospital, and Pacific Private Day Hospital.

Australia Fair Shopping Center

Australia Fair
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Gold Coast University Hospital

Gold Coast University Hospital,
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Southport has a remarkable public transport, and traffic management. It has so many playgrounds, parklands, footpaths and bike trails, the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre, and a Sea World theme park. Not to mention, Surfers Paradise is six minutes away. In case you’re in the mood for a walk in the park, a good time by the beach, or a heavy shopping this weekend, Southport has got it all ready for you.



Median House Sales Price

Southport has an increase of 2.73% for the median house price with $520, 000. Over the past year, the property value in Southport has increased to 2.69%, higher than the average property value in Queensland.

Median price $520,000 $342,250
Quarterly growth 0.67% 0.66%
12-month growth 10.64% 2.73%
Average Annual Growth 3.72% 0.93%
Weekly median advertised rent $460 $355
Number of sales 315 869
Gross rental yield 4.60% 5.39%
Days on market 65.34 93.57

Source: yourinvestmentpropertymag


Land Tax

Based on the Queensland Government, Land Tax is calculated on the total taxable value of an owner’s Queensland freehold land. The total amount of all the land a person owns in Queensland will be added up at the 30th of June, excluding land a person have received an exemption.

Different tax rates will apply depending on this total value and what type of land owner you are. A person is liable when the total taxable value of his/her land is:

  • $350,000 or more – for companies, trustees or absentees
  • $600,000 or more – for individuals



In 2011 Census, Southport’s population was 28, 315. It is comprised of approximately 51.5% females and 48.5% males. The median age of the people is 36 years old.


Crime Rate

Crimes are not that big of a concern in Southport since it is a capital law enforcement region of the Gold Coast and safety is on the top of their priorities. Its law district court is located in the heart of the suburb.



I an analysis of the share of population with educational qualifications, it showed that a lower proportion of the people have formal qualifications (Bachelor or higher degree; Advanced Diploma or Diploma; or Vocational qualifications), and a lower proportion of the population have no formal qualifications.